Club News for January 18th 2014

Club News 18th January 2014


  • There is no Saturday session on February 1st, due to the Revolution on that evening.  Group 1 & 2 riders who would normally attend this session, should come the week after.


  • Clubroom cupboards – if anyone would like a large metal or wooden cupboard, there are three spare (one metal, one wooden and one with a glass front) outside the bike store, they are around 4 feet wide and about 3ft 6inch high and free to whoever would like them.


  • Membership – a quick reminder that membership must be renewed as soon as possible unless already completed.  British Cycling membership will also need renewing from the beginning of the year, as racing licenses run to December 21st.  BC licenses will only be issued to paid-up club members.


  • The ACT track league will accept last year’s BC racing licenses until the end of January 2014.


  • Session Fees – these are now £8 for Saturdays and Wednesdays, with a discount of £2 for Manchester City Council Tax payers.  A valid club membership card is needed to sign on to each session; otherwise there is an extra £1 charge for the session.


  • Safety Checks – If riders are using their own or Club bikes, it is rider’s and parents’ responsibility to safety check the bikes before riding them.  Club Coaches will always provide advice or assist in bike checks. The main points to consider are as follows:
    • Tyres – condition and pressure
    • Wheels – damage, loose spokes wheelnuts or bearings, 
    • Pedals – tightness and condition 
    • Cleats – check for wear, damage and loose screws
    • Handlebars - security of clamps and presence of bar-end caps
    • Chainset and chain – tightness of chainring bolts and chain tension